Smart Trolley

Improves the ergonomics of the work of dentists and nursing staff.

Since 2015, the SMART TROLLEY range of mobile devices has been pursuing the objective of improving the ergonomics of the work of dentists and care teams. The collection consists of 3 standard modules, PRE-OPERATORY, ELECTRO, and POST, as well as optional accessories. The new SMART TROLLEY EVO range achieves a significant jump in quality, while respecting the philosophy of the initial project:

  • 10 cm more compact furniture for a more aesthetic and fluid line.

  • 100 mm larger wheels that make the SMART more mobile.

  • Finer materials, such as satin varnish, for a more aesthetic look.

  • Thinner and more elegant handles integrated into the structure.

In addition, the important innovation of this general improvement is the possibility of dismantling and removing the back panel, when only one piece of mobile furniture is sold. While maintaining the unique feature of hiding the power cables.

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