Surgical chair with multiple drives and orbital headrest for unparalleled patient comfort.


The Kyri chair has been designed, developed and produced with the advice and feedback of leading dental surgeons and implantologists, who are confronted every day with ergonomic pitfalls, hygiene constraints, and patient stress.

Thanks to Kyri, it is now possible to treat the patient in the best possible conditions in a chair that guarantees patient comfort, easy 4 or 6-handed work and emergency positions in case of need. 

  • 4 motorisations which allow to personalise the position for a better patient comfort.

  • A low 40 cm position for easy access for patients with reduced mobility.

  • A true trendelenburg position, i.e. the safety position to prevent cardio circulatory problems

  • The orbital headrest guarantees lateral comfort for patients during lateral surgery (70% of surgical procedures).

  • The Kyri chair is accessible at 360°, and allows the positioning of a transthoracic bridge table to operate with 4 hands, in harmony with the assistant, following an operating sequence, thought out and defined in advance, in an ergonomic comfort which avoids traumatic gestures, sources of musculoskeletal disorders. 

The Kyri Surgical Chair is very easy to install, very stable, does not require anchoring to the floor, and is delivered ready to use, once plugged in and turned on.

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