Pura Plus

For perfectly osmosed water and better operation of the steriliser.


Pura Plus is the Tecno-Gaz reverse osmosis system.

Very easy to install, Pura Plus is positioned as an intermediary between the water inlet and the steriliser. 

Connected to the drain, Pura Plus allows ONYX sterilisers to operate completely autonomously.

No more frequent handling, no need to refill the autoclave, no need to buy distilled water.

Pura Plus is directly controlled by the steriliser and requires no operator intervention.

  • The filters are self-contained 800 cycles.

  • 40 cycles before the end of use, a message on the sterilizer's control panel indicates the need to change the filters.

  • The perfectly osmosed water guarantees a better functioning of the sterilizer and a longer life.

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