Onyx B

The autoclave is a unique and central device in the organisation of a dental practice. Tecno-Gaz produces and markets the Onyx B range, available in several capacities. 

  • Onyx 5 : 16 litres
  • Onyx 7: 22 litres
  • Onyx 8: 24 litres

All phases of the sterilization cycle have been taken into account during the development of ONYX B in order to obtain the highest possible operational efficiency.

Onyx autoclaves are the most energy efficient on the market.

Trays and racks:

  • 4-tray rack 
  • 5-tray rack increasing capacity to 24 litres
  • 4-cassette and 6-cassette holder


  • 6 sterilisation cycles
  • 3 test cycles


  • Front suction pump
  • Reverse osmosis connection

Tecno-Gaz, a leading company in Europe, relies on a large distribution network present throughout France. It is important to be able to choose a referenced device, distributed by a solid network and supported by a technical team, trained, bringing a national coverage. 

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