An automatic external defibrillator (AED), with semi-automatic triggering.

Tecno-Heart is an automatic external defibrillator (AED), with semi-automatic activation, i.e. by the user's decision, by pressing a button provided for this purpose. The Tecno-Heart defibrillator from Tecno-Gaz offers unique features, facilitating the use of a life-saving device in an emergency:

  • Unique bivalent sensor (adult - child) with two patches that simplifies the placement at the moment of truth.

  • Voice assistance to help the user. 

  • Coupled with an LED light path indicating the sequence of steps. 

  • Device and battery guaranteed for 5 years and 200 shots.

  • Numerous accessories are available as standard or optional:

  • Carrying case (delivered with the Tecno-Heart)

  • Signage (delivered with the Tecno-Heart)

  • Wall-mounted case

  • Cooled wall box

  • Refrigerated wall box with alarm

Tecno-Gaz has been marketing Tecno-Heart for more than 15 years and offers numerous training courses by video-conference or in person. 
Emergencies in the dental practice are a reality, and the time of intervention is decisive to save a person's life. The best place to attach the Tecno-Heart AED is behind the reception desk, in full view of everyone. This reassures patients and conveys a positive and professional image of the practice.

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