E-Point is the mobile emergency cart containing all emergency devices.

E-Point is the mobile emergency cart of Tecno-Gaz, specially designed to contain all the emergency devices, avoiding the search for products when assisting the person in distress.
A single storage space, and at the moment of use, a mobile cart that is positioned close to the emergency area.

This cart is characteristic of Tecno-Gaz's vision of the need for integrated solutions: lives are not saved by one piece of equipment, but by the successive use of devices used in a sequential and orderly manner, from diagnosis to possible defibrillation. 

E-Point contains:

  • The Tecno-Heart

  • The oxygen cylinder and its accessories.

  • The BAVU

  • The pulse oximeter

  • And on the top shelf, the MD monitor

Discreet, mobile, and compact, E-Point is a key element in reducing the time it takes to save lives.

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