Steril Air

A simple, quiet and ergonomic air sterilisation device.

Steril Air Pro is a device for air sterilization, which ensures the elimination of all micro-organisms including spores. The air is introduced into the sterilization chamber inside the device, which eliminates the microbial load through the action of UVC rays. This device can operate continuously even in the presence of people, ensuring maximum protection for the operator. Steril Air Pro is simple, silent and ergonomic.

Steril Air uses the UV-C radiation technique: Germicidal Ultraviolet Rays:

  • UV-C rays produce a strong germicidal effect and have a high efficiency in correspondence with the wavelength of 253.7 nm.
  • The germicidal effect of UV-C radiation extends to viruses, coronaviruses, bacteria, spores, fungi, molds and mites.
  • Steril Air is certified effective in combating and eliminating COVID 19.
  • This is mainly due to the destructive effect of UV-C radiation on their DNA, all of which contributes to damaging their reproductive system by preventing their growth and multiplication.

Its operation is based on a forced ventilation system in closed cycle. The air drawn into the module first passes through a G3 mechanical filter located in the inlet. The coarsest VOCs are stopped there, which avoids soiling the germicidal lamps.

The air is then forced into direct contact with the UV-C which, thanks to the maximum emission and the highly reflective shielding of the housing, leads to microbiological elimination.
The device is able to disinfect the ambient air continuously (flow rate of 120 m3/h). It allows to reduce the microbiological pollution of the air in any room.

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