An automatic device that revolutionises the biological insulation of shoes.

ORMA is an automatic device able to create a shoe cover by means of thermo-shrinkable film, which ensures a series of practical, technical and economic advantages.

An indispensable and irreplaceable product for all medical practices or structures.
ORMA is an elegant technological device, controlled by a microprocessor card, with programmable controls and commands.
The entire cycle, from film placement to shoe cover creation, is accomplished by simply positioning the foot in the footprint of the machine.

ORMA automatically "makes" the shoe cover. The fit is perfectly enveloping and insulates the shoe by creating a protective barrier.
The shoe cover is also waterproof, it does not create an obstacle and does not hinder movement. The life span of plastic shoe covers is much longer than faux fabric.

  • ORMA does not require a shoe cover to be inserted into the device, but uses a roll of shrink film

  • You avoid buying shoes and save time

  • You don't have to manage large quantities of waste

  • You avoid having shoe covers of different shapes and sizes

  • You save a lot of money

Incorporating the use of shoe covers by both staff and patients as a standard procedure means a high level of attention to hygiene and prevention. This creates a positive impression on patients and reduces the spread of germs in surgical and operating environments.

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