Tygi 400

Unique services for the dental practice and the user.

With the new TYGI400 model, Tecno-Gaz takes an important step forward in the crowded dental equipment segment.

The logic behind the design of the TYGI 400 EVO was to offer unique features to the dental practice and to the users:

  • Ambidextrous chair and unit
  • 4.0 connectivity and IOT technology
  • Digital touch interface controlled by tablet
  • Cuspidor block that opens to 180
  • Pneumatic orbital headrest

All these new features represent numerous benefits for the user, improving work ergonomics, and contributing to the smooth execution of treatments.

The aesthetics and the purity of the lines of TYGI400, combined with the nobility of the materials and the matte paint, contribute to the quality of the image of the practice transmitted to the patient.

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