Kyri Cart

Mobile unit with touch screen, to be configured according to the user's needs.


Kyri Cart allows the surgical room to be converted into a multi-purpose room to perform extractions and immediate implantation in the same dedicated space. 

Kyri Cart offers top-of-the-line services, allowing the practitioner to deal with complicated extractions with the appropriate instrumentation.

  • Touch screen making the device extremely intuitive and easy to use.
  • Flexible configurations make it easy to set up a version adapted to all types of care and work habits.
  • Autonomous power supply via a 2L bottle guaranteeing high protection of the instruments and perfect control of biofilm and bacteria.
  • Common wireless foot pedal for the chair and the Cart, facilitating the use of both devices together.
  • Pneumatically adjustable height, allowing the Cart to be raised for practitioners working in a standing position, and lowered for easy storage under the work surface.
  • Connection box with quick coupling for implementation without disruptive umbilical cord in the workspace that can interfere with the movements of the nursing team. 

In its low position, Kyri Cart is easily stored under a work surface, and contributes to make the room welcoming, free of visible instruments, thus avoiding to increase the stress of the patient.

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